Пн. Дек 6th, 2021
3 выноса Ягуара из первой победы Урбана Мейера в триллере над Дельфинами

The Jacksonville Jaguars won their first win of the season over the Miami Dolphins. It was Urban Meyer’s first win as head coach in the NFL since the start of the 0-5 season. Trevor Lawrence played well and many of the Jaguars players looked good.

The Dolphins were in the lead at half-time, but Meyer and the Jaguars’ amendments brought them to victory. Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa returned and acted inconsistently throughout the game, intercepting the ball. The Jaguars’ first win can help them get into the rhythm of moving forward.

With that said, here are Jaguar’s three takeaways from Urban Meyer’s first thriller victory over the Dolphins.

3. Jaguars are not the worst team.
At the start of this game, the Jaguars were arguably the worst team in the NFL. While it took Jaguar a while to get started, it looks like they are ready to compete in every game. They are not going to become opponents in the playoffs, but the Jaguars may win more matches in the future.

Meyer has had excellent halftime breaks and will play a key role this season. Look for Jaguars that are still at the bottom of the league but are playing more games.

2. James Robinson — the key to crime.
Over the past few weeks, James Robinson has added in the game. This helped to attack the Jags more and allowed Lawrence to make better decisions. In the first two weeks, Robinson had just 16 carries over 72 yards and no touchdowns. Since then, Robinson has had 15-plus carries in each game, for a total of 388 yards and five touchdowns (ESPN stats).

Robinson’s ability to throw yards after contact has helped the Jaguars always achieve positive results. The defense must put the box against Robinson, which will open up an action game for Lawrence. If the Jags want to attack well, it all starts with Robinson.

1. Trevor Lawrence is getting better
Consensus number one, Trevor Lawrence was struggling to start his NFL career. While the table score may not reflect this, Lawrence’s performance against the Dolphins was excellent. Urban Meyer should have liked it. Lawrence threw for 319 yards, one touch and most importantly, zero interceptions.

In total, Lawrence has thrown 1,465 yards this season, seven touchdowns and eight interceptions (ESPN stats). Today’s game, in which Lawrence did not intercept the ball, shows that he does not force the ball in tight windows.

The Jugs’ attack did not play well in the first half, but the half-time adjustments set them up for success. They started the second half by focusing on running for Robinson. This allowed Lawrence to get into the rhythm of the game by passing down the field.

Expect Lawrence to continue to improve as we move forward this season.

Jaguars fans are finally able to celebrate their victory for the first time since the first week of last season. They are not ready to fight for a place in the playoffs, but the Jugs and Urban Meyer have a lot to gain from this game. The defense improved in the second half and got enough offensive stops to win the game.

Robinson’s play on the ground in the second half gave the attacking players the momentum they needed. The Jaguars need to keep feeding him the ball in the future, especially to help Lawrence with his rookie campaign.

Look for the Jags to win a few more victories this season and strengthen the young core.

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